Welcome to the Oracles page, a comprehensive hub dedicated to interacting with oracle services on zkSync Era. As the demand for decentralized applications continues, the need for reliable and efficient oracle services becomes paramount. Within these sections, you'll unearth specialized usage guides and tangible examples designed to facilitate seamless interactions with a variety of different oracle services.


API3open in new window empowers smart contracts with its data feeds, termed dAPIs➚open in new window. These dAPIs, sourced from first-party oracles, constantly relay signed, updated on-chain data. These feeds are available for zkSync Era. Check out the usage guide below to get started today.


DIAopen in new window token price feeds provide smart contract real-time price information of 3,000+ cryptocurrencies, transparently sourced from 80+ trusted, high-volume DEXs and CEXs. Check out the usage guide below to get started today!


Redstoneopen in new window delivers frequently updated, reliable, and diverse data feeds for your dApp and smart contracts. Check out all the price feeds available to zkSync Era and get started with the provided usage guide.


Pythnetopen in new window price feeds use a "pull" price update model, where users are responsible for posting price updates on-chain when needed. Checkout the usage guide to get started today!

Usage guides


We believe in collective growth. If you've traversed the oracles' maze and have insights or guides to share, we urge you to contribute. Your knowledge could be the beacon for many. Let's co-create and expand the repository of oracle wisdom on zkSync Era.