Network Faucets

Network Faucets

To access the testnet funds (Sepolia) you can use one of the following third party faucets:


You can use LearnWeb3's zkSync Sepolia Faucetopen in new window to claim zkSync Sepolia Testnet 0.01 ETH per day.

zkSync testnet faucet by Chainstack

Chainstack Faucetopen in new window is an easy to use Multi-Chain Faucet. You can use Chainstack Faucet to claim zkSync Sepolia Testnet 0.05 ETH every 24 hours. Chainstack API key is required.

Sepolia faucets

Use any of the following faucets to claim SepoliaETH, which you can bridge to zkSync testnet using the TxSync bridgeopen in new window.