The @matterlabs/hardhat-zksync-vyper plugin provides an interface for compiling Vyper smart contracts before deploying them to ZKsync Era.

Learn more about the latest updates in the changelog.


To use the hardhat-zksync-vyper in your project, we recommend that:

  • You have Node installed and yarn or npm package manager.



Add the latest version of this plugin to your project with the following command:

yarn add -D @matterlabs/hardhat-zksync-vyper @nomiclabs/hardhat-vyper


hardhat-zksync-vyper v0.2.0 introduced a default configuration so all parameters are optional.

Any configuration parameters should be added inside a zkvyper property in the hardhat.config.ts file:

zkvyper: {
    version: "latest", // Uses latest available in https://github.com/matter-labs/zkvyper-bin
    settings: {
      // compilerPath: "zkvyper", // optional field with the path to the `zkvyper` binary.
      libraries: {}, // optional. References to non-inlinable libraries
      optimizer: {
        mode: '3' // optional. 3 by default, z to optimize bytecode size
        fallback_to_optimizing_for_size: false, // optional. Try to recompile with optimizer mode "z" if the bytecode is too large
      experimental: {
        dockerImage: '', // deprecated
        tag: ''   // deprecated
Compilers are no longer released as Docker images and its usage is no longer recommended.
  • version: The zkvyper compiler version. Default value is latest. Find the latest compiler versions in the zkvyper repo.
  • compilerSource: Indicates the compiler source and can be either binary. (A docker option is no longer recommended). If there is no previous installation, the plugin automatically downloads one.
  • optimizer - Compiler optimizations:
    • mode: 3 (default) recommended for most projects. Mode z reduces bytecode size for large projects that make heavy use of keccak and far calls.
    • fallback_to_optimizing_for_size (optional) indicates that the compiler will try to recompile with optimizer mode "z" if the bytecode is too large.
  • compilerPath: Optional field with the path to the zkvyper binary. By default, the binary in $PATH is used.
  • libraries: Define any non-inlinable libraries your contracts use as dependencies here. Learn more about compiling libraries.
fallback_to_optimizing_for_size option is supported for zkvyper compiler version 1.3.15 or higher.


yarn hardhat compile

Compiles all the smart contracts in the contracts directory and creates the artifacts-zk folder with all the compilation artifacts, including factory dependencies for the contracts, which could be used for contract deployment.

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