Learn how to interact with ZKsync Era

Welcome to the Quickstart!

This tutorial will help you to learn how to write, compile and deploy smart contracts to ZKsync Era. In the first step, you will build and deploy a simple contract and interact with it by sending messages. The second section will have you creating your own ERC20 token and the final section will introduce a specialized feature of ZKsync Era, native account abstraction and paymasters.

This section is designed for developers new to ZKsync Era and uses online IDE's - Remix and AtlasZK - to help you learn as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Get started

  • If you haven't already added ZKsync Era to your wallet, follow the instructions in Connect ZKsync Era to your wallet.
  • Continue to Deploy your first contract to learn how to use Remix or Atlas to deploy a contract onto ZKsync Era.
  • If you are familiar with ZKsync Era and want to develop using zksync-cli locally on your machine, you can jump over to the ZKsync 101 section.

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