Getting Started

Kickstart your development journey with ZKsync Era, covering everything from rollups to system contracts and fee structures.

Welcome to the ZKsync Era Developer reference documentation! This guide is your starting point for understanding the core components and advanced features of ZKsync. It provides an essential overview to help you effectively build on ZKsync Era.

Introduction to Rollups

Explore the fundamentals of rollups for enhanced scalability and lower gas costs.

Ethereum Differences

Learn about the key distinctions between Ethereum Layer 1 and ZKsync Era.

Native Account Abstraction

Utilize account abstraction to streamline user experiences and contract interactions.

ZKsync Era Contracts

Discover the ZKsync Era L1 and system contracts.

ZKsync Era Fee Model

Understand the fee structure in ZKsync to optimize transaction costs.

Bridging Assets

Facilitate asset transfers between Ethereum Layer 1 and ZKsync Layer 2 efficiently

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