Rollup as a Service

ZK Stack is still under development. We advise you to only use for local and testnet deployments.

Deploying and running using a Rollup as a Service provider

Looking to deploy a ZK Stack chain but worried about complexities? RaaS providers are here to simplify the process! Providers offer scalable and secure nodes, and may provide quick and user-friendly interfaces, allowing you to deploy your ZK Stack chain with ease and efficiency. Experience the seamless integration of advanced blockchain technology without the hassle. Get started today and revolutionize your product with the power of RaaS and ZK Stack!

Use RaaS in to improve scalability, reduce costs, access specialized services, speed up development, enhance interoperability, and maintain flexibility in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

The list of RaaS providers you can use to deploy and customise their your ZK chain:

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