Explore the ZK Stack, a flexible, open-source framework designed for creating sovereign ZK-powered Ethereum rollups, known as ZK chains, utilizing the foundational technology of ZKsync Era.

The ZK Stack is a comprehensive framework aimed at revolutionizing the development of Ethereum rollups through its modular design and open-source nature. Based on the pioneering work of ZKsync Era, the ZK Stack extends the core functionalities to enable developers to build custom ZK chains—Layer 2 (L2) and Layer 3 (L3) solutions—that are tailored to specific needs while ensuring compatibility and interoperability within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Core features of the ZK Stack


The ZK Stack is built on the principle of sovereignty, granting developers complete control over their ZK chains. This means that developers can:

  • Customize Chain Features: Tailor aspects such as transaction rules, data availability, and consensus mechanisms to suit specific use cases or performance requirements.
  • Own the Code: Have full rights to the underlying code, providing the freedom to modify or enhance the chain as needed without external constraints.

Seamless connectivity

Despite each ZK chain's independence, the ZK Stack ensures that they do not operate in isolation. Instead, ZK chains are part of a cohesive network, linked by hyperbridges that facilitate seamless interactions:

  • Trustless Interoperability: Hyperbridges allow for secure and reliable communication between different ZK chains without needing to trust a central authority, making interactions as trustless as those on Ethereum itself.
  • Fast and Cost-Effective: Communication and asset transfers between ZK chains are designed to be both rapid (completed within minutes) and economical (incurring costs equivalent to a single standard transaction).

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