This section provides an overview of the ZK Stack and zkEVM, detailing their roles in launching secure zero-knowledge ZK chain rollups and forming the elastic chain.


ZK Stack is designed to power the internet of value by providing the necessary security through blockchain technology. It enables the launch of zero-knowledge rollups, offering an enhanced level of blockchain security.

Zero-Knowledge Rollups

Zero-knowledge rollups, or ZK Rollups, leverage advanced cryptographic techniques known as zero-knowledge proofs. These proofs ensure that each transaction within the rollup is executed correctly without revealing any transaction details. ZK Rollups aggregate (or roll up) transaction data and submit it to a primary chain, such as Ethereum, for final validation.

zkEVM: Enhancing Ethereum Compatibility

At the core of the ZK Stack is the zkEVM, which is designed to execute transactions while maintaining full compatibility with Ethereum. This compatibility allows seamless integration and interaction with the broader Ethereum ecosystem.

Verification by External Validators

One of the key advantages of ZK Rollups is their verifiability by external validators. Unlike traditional blockchains that require running a full node to verify transactions, ZK Rollups allow their state to be validated externally through the proof provided. This makes it simpler and more efficient to ensure the integrity of the rollup.

Elastic Chain: A Network of ZK Chain Rollups

ZK Rollups can also be validated by other rollups, facilitating the creation of a trustless network of rollups known as the elastic chain. This interconnected network enhances the scalability and interoperability of blockchain systems.

Technical Specifications

The document will delve deeper into the zkEVM, providing a detailed specification of its components including the prover, compiler, and the virtual machine itself. Additionally, it will outline the foundational elements of the elastic chain ecosystem, highlighting how these innovations contribute to the scalability and security of blockchain technology.

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