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Engage with our vibrant community and stay updated on the latest news, insights, and discussions through our diverse channels. Here's a quick overview:

1. Developer Discussions

A dedicated space in GitHub for developers to discuss, collaborate, and brainstorm on technical topics.

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2. Discord

Join real-time conversations, ask questions, and connect with both the team and fellow community members.

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3. Twitter/X

Follow us for quick updates, announcements, and trends related to our platform, updates for developers, and the broader industry.

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4. Blog

Delve deep into comprehensive articles, tutorials, and insights penned by our team.

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5. GitHub Issues

The most effective way to seek technical support is by raising an issue on GitHub. Ensure you provide a comprehensive description, relevant details, and steps to reproduce for prompt assistance.

  • ZKsync Era Issues: Address all queries and concerns related to ZKsync Era here. Report ZKsync Era Issue
  • era-test-node Issues: If you're facing challenges with the era-test-node, this is the place to raise them. Report era-test-node Issue
  • SDKs Issues: For any issues related to our Software Development Kits, kindly head over to this section. Report SDKs Issue

6. Telegram

Get instant updates and participate in mobile-friendly discussions on our official Telegram channel.

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