Migrating ZKsync Era into the ZK Chain

Guide on how to migrate a single chain ZKsync Era into the ZK Chain

This document describes the process of migrating the currently deployed single chain ZKsync Era into the ZK Chain, including the process of moving funds from Diamond Proxy and L1 ERC20 Bridge into the brand new Shared bridge while ensuring security guarantees.

Note: The migration to the new system of ZK Chains has already happened.

Migration process

We will migrate the old system of Era's Diamond Proxy, L1ERC20Bridge to a system that is capable of hosting multiple interoperable ZK Chains with the L1SharedBridge, Bridgehub, StateTransitionManager and other contracts.

This upgrade process has the following steps:

I. Upgrade the system

  1. Deploy the new contracts
    We first deploy the new contracts. These include the Bridgehub, StateTransitionManager, L1SharedBridge, the new facets and the ValidatorTimelock. At this point, if we wanted to we could register new ZK Chains.
  2. Integrate Era into new contracts, and upgrade L2 system contracts
    We upgrade Era (we do this via a standard diamond cut upgrade, set the L2 system contract upgrade tx hash, and a call to the new DiamondInit function to initialize the DiamondProxy with the new protocol version and variables). We integrate Era into the the contracts via registerAlreadyDeployedStateTransition on STM and createNewChain on Bridgehub. We transfer all Ether to the L1SharedBridge. We do this via the the transferFundsFromLegacy function on the L1SharedBridge.
    At this point deposits to the L1SharedBridge and to the legacy functions on Mailbox facet of the DiamondProxy should work. The legacy L1ERC20Bridge will also work, as it will communicate with the backwards compatible Mailbox.

II. Upgrade L1ERC20Bridge contract

  1. Upgrade L2 bridge
    The new L2ERC20Bridge will upgraded to become the L2SharedBridge, and it will be backwards compatible with all messages from the old L1ERC20Bridge, so we upgrade that first as L1->L2 messages are much faster, and in the meantime we can upgrade the L1ERC20Bridge. The new L2SharedBridge can receive deposits from both the old L1ERC20Bridge and the new L1SharedBridge.
  2. Upgrade L1ERC20Bridge
    We upgrade the L1ERC20Bridge, and move all ERC20 tokens to the L1SharedBridge.

Note migrating Era and its L1ERC20Bridge are possible to do for other separately deployed ZK Chains as well, in case we need to do it multiple times.

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