Recreating L2 State from L1 Pubdata

Recreating L2 State from L1 Pubdata


⚠️ Note: Running the L1 pubdata tool will require approximately 500GB of memory and will take a few days to complete.

This tool is written in nightly Rust; you can install Rust by following the official instructions here,open in new window and then running the following command to switch to the nightly toolchain:

rustup toolchain install nightly
  1. Clone the zksync-state-reconstructopen in new window tool:
git clone
cd zksync-state-reconstruct


To start reconstructing the state, run the following command with any valid HTTP/HTTPS Ethereum JSON-RPC endpoint, for example using https://eth.llamarpc.comopen in new window.

You can also use an Ethereum endpoint from Alchemy,open in new window Infuraopen in new window or any other endpoint provider:

cargo +nightly run -- reconstruct l1 --http-url

Here's what a successful start of the tool will look like in your terminal:

L2 state reconstruction start

Here's what the tool will look like as it's running:

L2 state reconstruction running

Once the tool has finished syncing, you will only be warned if the published L2 state is not the same as the reconstructed L2 state. If the tool has finished syncing and you have not received any warnings, then the L2 state has been successfully reconstructed.