# zkSync contracts v9 upgrade announcement

We will start the notice period to upgrade zkSync contracts to a new version today.

# Changes

The exact changes in the code of the contracts can be found here (opens new window).

# Added

  • nonReentrant modifier for all external functions as additional protection from reentrancy attack.
  • New method for EIP-712 ChangePubKey authorization.
  • A check for non-zero address when changing the governor.

# Changed

  • WithdrawalPending event parameters changed.
  • Withdrawal event parameters changed.
  • Use calldata instead of memory for gas cost optimization.
  • The visibility of the function authFactsResetTimer changed from internal to public.
  • proveBlocks ignores already proven blocks.

# Removed

  • Withdrawals are no longer finalized in the executeBlocks function
Last Updated: 8/22/2022, 10:56:26 AM