# zkSync contracts v8 upgrade announcement

We will start the notice period to upgrade zkSync contracts to a new version today.

# Changes

The exact changes in the code of the contracts can be found here (opens new window).

# Added

  • cutUpgradeNoticePeriodBySignature a function for approving instant upgrade by security council members.
  • Create2Factory.sol - the smart contract that used to deploys targets.
  • New event ApproveCutUpgradeNoticePeriod(address) emitted after security council member approve upgrade.
  • Check that the deposited amount is non-zero.

# Changed

  • Upgrade can be initialized/finished in case of exodus mode.
  • cutUpgradeNoticePeriod takes the hash of targets to which upgrades initialized.
  • WithdrawalPending - event parameters changed.
  • Withdraw/ForcedExit/FullExit may be executed on executeBlocks or stored as pending depending on the input parameters when executing the block.
  • Minor gas optimizations are used.