Why zksync-ethers

Benefits and features of the zksync-ethers for ZKsync Era.


To provide easy access to all the features of ZKsync Era, the zksync-ethers JavaScript SDK was created with an interface very similar to ethers. In fact, ethers is a peer dependency of our library, and most of the objects exported by zksync-ethers (e.g., Wallet, Provider, etc.) inherit from the corresponding ethers objects and override only the fields that need to be changed.

The library is designed so that after replacing ethers with zksync-ethers, most client applications will work out of the box.

Developer experience

The zksync-ethers SDK offers an enhanced developer experience by closely mirroring the interface and usage patterns of ethers, making it easy for developers familiar with ethers to transition. This seamless integration means that interacting with the ZKsync Era blockchain is straightforward and intuitive, reducing the learning curve and increasing productivity. Developers can leverage the extensive ethers documentation and community support while benefiting from the unique features of the ZKsync Era.


The zksync-ethers SDK is rigorously tested and backed by comprehensive documentation, ensuring a stable and reliable user experience. Each feature and functionality is covered by tests, and detailed guides are available to assist developers in troubleshooting and maximizing the potential of the SDK. This focus on stability and support helps developers confidently build and deploy applications on the ZKsync Era blockchain.


The zksync-ethers SDK is designed with extensibility in mind. The architecture allows for easy integration of new features and improvements, ensuring compatibility with future advancements in ZKsync and other zk-rollup technologies. The SDK is regularly updated to incorporate the latest developments, providing developers with a powerful and flexible tool for building next-generation blockchain applications.

Explore the zksync-ethers documentation to get started and take advantage of all the features and benefits it offers.

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