Platform Compatibility

Platforms compatible with zksync-ethers v5 and v6

zksync-ethers supports all modern browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc.) & runtime environments (Node.js, React Native, Electron).

Ethers v5 compatibility

  • Node.js: v12.x and above.
  • Browser: All modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge).
  • React Native: Supported via react-native-ethers.
  • Electron: Standard configurations supported.
  • TypeScript: Included type definitions.

Ethers v6 compatibility

  • Node.js: v14.x and above
  • Browser: Optimized for all modern browsers.
  • React Native: Improved support via the latest react-native-ethers.
  • Electron: Enhanced integration for desktop applications.
  • TypeScript: Comprehensive type definitions for better developer experience.
  • BigInt: Required for certain functionalities in ethers v6.

Both versions offer robust platform compatibility, ensuring seamless integration with ZKsync across different environments.

For more detailed information and specific configurations, refer to the official zksync-ethers documentation.

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