Provider objects for interacting with ZKsync.

A Provider interacts with the blockchain network, allowing applications to send transactions, query data, and listen to events. Providers bridge the application and blockchain, ensuring smooth communication.

The zksync-ethers library supports providers from the ethers.js library and adds extra functionality.

Two providers are available:

  • Provider: Extends ethers.JsonRpcProvider with ZKsync-specific methods.
  • BrowserProvider: Extends the ZKsync Era Provider class for better compatibility with Web3 wallets.
Use BrowserProvider for browser integrations.


The Provider class in zksync-ethers library extends the ethers.providers.JsonRpcProvider with additional ZKsync-specific methods. This lets users leverage the familiar ethers.js interface while accessing advanced features specific to ZKsync.


The BrowserProvider class extends the ZKsync Era Provider class to offer enhanced compatibility with Web3 wallets, making it ideal for browser-based integrations. This provider ensures seamless interaction with wallet extensions like MetaMask, enabling users to manage their accounts and sign transactions directly from the browser.

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