Manage accounts and sign transactions in zksync-ethers.

zksync-ethers offers classes for signing ZKsync transactions:

  • Wallet: Extends ethers.Wallet with ZKsync features.
  • EIP712Signer: Signs EIP712-typed ZKsync transactions.
  • Signer: For browser integration.
  • L1Signer: For browser integration.
  • VoidSigner: Uses addresses without signing credentials.
  • L1VoidSigner: Uses addresses without signing credentials.
  • SmartAccount: Supports account abstraction with factory classes:
    • ECDSASmartAccount: Uses a single ECDSA key.
    • MultisigECDSASmartAccount: Uses multiple ECDSA keys.

Why use these classes?

They simplify ZKsync blockchain interactions by providing:

  • Security: Securely manage private keys and sign transactions.
  • Convenience: Easily create and manage accounts with advanced features.
  • Compatibility: Extend ethers.js for seamless project integration.



The Wallet class extends ethers.Wallet, providing additional methods specific to ZKsync. It allows you to create and manage wallets, sign transactions, and interact with the ZKsync network seamlessly.


The EIP712Signer class signs EIP712-typed ZKsync transactions, ensuring transactions comply with the EIP-712 standard for typed data.


The Signer class enables seamless interaction with web3 wallets like MetaMask, supporting ZKsync-specific operations.


The L1Signer class also supports browser integration for ZKsync-specific operations, similar to Signer.


The VoidSigner class allows an address to be used in any API that accepts a Signer, without credentials for actual signing. Useful for representing an account without exposing private keys.


The L1VoidSigner class functions like VoidSigner, allowing address representation without signing credentials.


The SmartAccount class provides better support for account abstraction, allowing for more advanced account management features. Factory classes for SmartAccount include:

  • ECDSASmartAccount: Uses a single ECDSA key for signing payloads.
  • MultisigECDSASmartAccount: Uses multiple ECDSA keys for signing payloads.

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