ZKsync Era SDKs empower developers to seamlessly interact with the ZKsync Era network.

What is ZKsync Era SDKs?

ZKsync Era SDKs are tools that help developers build decentralized applications (dApps) for the ZKsync Era network.

ZKsync Era is a Layer 2 solution for Ethereum. It uses a special technology called ZK rollup. This technology makes transactions faster and cheaper while keeping the security and trust of the Ethereum blockchain.

ZKsync Era SDKs

Key points

  • ZKsync Era SDK: Toolkits for developers to easily create dApps on ZKsync Era.
  • ZKsync Era Network: Enhances Ethereum transactions, making them quicker and less expensive.
  • ZK Rollup Technology: Bundles multiple transactions into one, ensuring speed, cost-efficiency, and security.
  • ZKsync Sepolia Explorer: A block explorer specifically for the ZKsync Era on the Sepolia testnet.
In simple terms, ZKsync Era SDKs give developers the tools they need to build apps that work quickly and cheaply on the Ethereum network without losing security.

Benefits of ZKsync Era SDKs

These SDKs, available in various programming languages, streamline the process of building decentralized applications (dApps) that leverage ZKsync Era's benefits, including:

  • Scalability: Massively reduced transaction fees and faster confirmation times compared to Ethereum.
  • Security: Inherits security from the underlying Ethereum blockchain.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Enables smoother and more cost-effective dApp interactions for users.
  • Paymaster Support: Enables flexible transaction fee payment strategies:
    • Third-party services can cover fees for users, fostering wider adoption.
    • Gasless transactions become possible, improving user experience.
  • Account Abstraction:
    • Enhances security and privacy by separating user accounts from keys.
    • Improves developer experience by simplifying account management and enabling features like multi-signature wallets and on-chain governance.
We strongly recommend reading the introduction before moving on to the rest of the documentation.


To integrate third-party SDKs with ZKsync Era, follow these key steps to ensure your decentralized application (dApp) can use ZKsync Era's scalable, secure, and low-cost transactions.


Integrate JS with ZKsync Era for secure transactions.


Integrate ZKsync GO SDK for ZKsync Era features.


Explore Nuxt built-in components for pages, layouts, head, and more.


Integrate ZKsync Era with Java for cost-effective transactions.


Integrate ZKsync Era with Swift for efficiency.


Integrate ZKsync Era with Rust for scalable transactions.


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