RPC Providers

For an extended list of infrastructure options within the ZKsync ecosystem, feel free to explore the infrastructure category on Dappradar.


Alchemy is a leading developer platform with powerful APIs, SDKs, and tools to build truly scalable onchain apps. Deploy on ZKsync Mainnet and ZKsync Sepolia Testnet using Alchemy's free and paid plans.


Ankr provides private and public RPC endpoints for ZKsync, powered by a globally distributed and decentralized network of nodes. They offer free and paid plans with increased request limits.

Blast API

Blast provides fast and reliable decentralized blockchain APIs. Blast offers users the ability to generate their own dedicated RPC endpoint for ZKsync.


BlockPI is a high-quality, robust, and efficient RPC service network that provides access to ZKsync nodes with free and paid plans.


Chainstack is a leading blockchain infrastructure providing company. Build, run and scale blockchain applications using Chainstack nodes.


Chainbase API is supercharged for reliability, data correctness, and scalability. Chainbase will handle all the forks, upgrades, and network interruptions


DRPC offers access to distributed network of independent third-party partners and public nodes for ZKsync. They provide a free tier that allows for an unlimited amount of requests over public nodes, or a paid tier which provides access to all providers, as well as other additional features.


GetBlock provides access to ZKsync API endpoint for your project. With GetBlock you don’t need to know how to run ZKsync nodes as they are already are available for mainnet and testnets.


NOWNodes provides Full Node for ZKsync with is a high-quality standart and 24/7 support. Free Plan is available.


QuickNode offers access to hosted ZKsync nodes as part of their free Discover Plan. You can configure add-ons, like "Trace Mode" and "Archive Mode" for an additional cost by upgrading to one of their paid plans.


Unifra is a Web3 developer platform that provides tools, APIs, and node infrastructure, and provides access to ZKsync nodes that are nodes are reliable, scalable, and easy to use.

Public RPCs

Mainnet RPCs:

Testnet RPCs:

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