NFT Marketplaces

The following NFT marketplaces are specialized in facilitating the trade, creation, and management of NFTs. These platforms offer distinct features and benefits.

For an extended list of marketplaces within the ZKsync ecosystem, feel free to explore the marketplaces category on Dappradar.


Element is a community-driven aggregated marketplace where you can buy and sell NFTs across different platforms, save money, and earn rewards. Specialty: Aggregated Marketplace, Rewards


Libera is a native NFT marketplace built specifically for the ZKsync Era. Specialty: ZKsync Era Native


OKX NFT serves as a one-stop decentralized NFT market, allowing you to create and trade NFTs across multiple blockchains and platforms. Specialty: Multi-Blockchain, One-Stop Market


Tevaera is the first paymasters and ONFT powered marketplace on the ZKsync Era. It offers the lowest transaction fees while being fully secured by the Ethereum consensus. Specialty: ZKsync Era, Low Fees, Paymasters and ONFT


zkMarkets is a native NFT marketplace on ZKsync, supporting paymasters and Smart Wallets like Clave. It features a Launchpad, rarity tools, and aggregated listings. Specialty: Aggregated Marketplace, Paymasters, Smart Accounts, Rarity tools

Choose a marketplace that aligns with your requirements, whether it's low fees, multi-blockchain support, or specific ZKsync Era functionalities. Always perform your own due diligence before using any third-party platforms.

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