Monitoring is a crucial aspect of the development and maintenance phases for any blockchain network. It provides insights into the performance, health, and other operational aspects of the network and applications. In this section, we explore key tools that offer monitoring solutions, aiding developers in keeping a close watch on their projects within the ZKsync ecosystem. These tools provide a platform for analytics, real-time monitoring, and data aggregation which are essential for making informed decisions.


Elliptic, a leader in cryptoasset risk management, has integrated support for ZKsync, a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, to bolster its blockchain analytics capabilities. This partnership enables organizations building on ZKsync, such as hybrid exchange GRVT, to use Elliptic's real-time wallet and transaction screening tools for efficient compliance and risk management. The integration leverages ZKsync's scalable, low-cost solution to Ethereum's high gas fees and slow transactions, enhancing security and transparency. This collaboration signifies a significant step in providing comprehensive blockchain support and advancing the ZKsync ecosystem with robust analytics tools.

Coinfirm / Lukka

Lukka and Coinfirm have joined forces with ZKsync to provide advanced wallet screening solutions for the ZKsync network. As the preferred provider for crypto-asset funds and fund service providers, Lukka is trusted by industry leaders such as State Street, Polychain, and eToro for its precise reporting and Enterprise Data Management solutions. Coinfirm's blockchain analytics platform offers robust transaction, wallet, and cluster monitoring for crypto assets. This partnership will enhance ZKsync's ecosystem by ensuring accurate and comprehensive wallet screening, supporting secure and transparent operations for users and businesses.

Dune Analytics

Dune Analytics is a web-based platform tailored for querying public blockchain data and aggregating it into visually appealing dashboards. With blockchain networks being open and transparent yet unique, Dune Analytics provides the necessary tools for cross-chain data analysis covering various tokens, wallets, and protocols. It also fosters a community-centric environment by allowing users to share their analytical work effortlessly.

Zetta Blocks

Zetta Blocks stands as an enterprise-grade, full-stack Web3 infrastructure focusing on indexing and analytics while bridging on-chain and off-chain data. It empowers developers to construct real-time, reliable GraphQL APIs via SQL swiftly, eliminating the concerns of data processing on both frontends and backends. Zetta Blocks is an epitome of how seamless monitoring and analytics can be integrated into the blockchain development workflow.

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