Welcome to the IDE page, a comprehensive hub dedicated to interacting with ready-to-use interactive developer environments using ZKsync Era. Each guide has been curated to offer hands-on examples, ensuring that both newcomers and experienced developers can seamlessly get started with developing on ZKsync Era.

Atlas IDE

Atlas provides a robust and user-friendly environment to write, test, and deploy your smart contracts in a matter of minutes. Discover the potential and get started with Atlas today and deploy your first contract on ZKsync Era by following this video tutorial!

Remix IDE

The Remix plugin for ZKsync Era is live, providing a smooth, user-friendly interface for developers of all skill levels to engage with the ZKsync ecosystem. The plugin simplifies the writing and deployment of ZKsync’s smart contracts, making it accessible to newcomers and experienced users.

Follow the The ZKsync Era Remix Plugin: A How-To Guide, written by Nethermind, the team who developed the plugin.

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