Explore the Ecosystem

Explore the ZKsync Era ecosystem, a comprehensive suite of services and tools from wallets to marketplaces that empower and enhance your experience.

Explore Wallets, Data services, Node providers, Marketplaces, Oracles, and much, much more in the ZKsync Era ecosystem. To see a wider list of the ecosystem, check out ZKsync Era on DappRadar.


Access and manage your assets seamlessly with secure and interoperable wallets.

Data Indexers

Harness the power of enhanced data retrieval to facilitate rich query capabilities.

Node Providers

Connect to ZKsync Era reliably with robust and scalable node services.


Explore digital goods with dynamic NFT marketplaces, fostering unique collectible exchanges.


Integrate real-world data securely to enhance application functionalities.


Experience seamless asset transfers between different blockchain ecosystems


Get free test tokens for development purposes in the ZKsync test network.


Keep track of network operations with our comprehensive monitoring tools.

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