Troubleshooting zkSync CLI

Troubleshooting zkSync CLI

Encountering issues with zkSync CLI? Here are some common problems and step-by-step recommendations for resolving them:

`unknown command` Error

If you encounter an unknown command error, follow these steps:

a. Check the zkSync CLI Version

  • Run npx zksync-cli --version to check your current version.
  • Compare it with the latest version available on npmopen in new window.
  • If your version is lower than the one on npm, follow the steps below. If your version is up-to-date, it's possible that the command was moved or renamed. Use npx zksync-cli help for a list of current commands or refer to the documentation.

b. Verify Local Installation

  • Use npm list zksync-cli to check if zksync-cli is installed in the current directory or any parent directories from where you are running your terminal.
  • If it is indeed installed, make sure to uninstall it by running npm uninstall zksync-cli in its installation location. Remove all instances of zksync-cli until none are found by npm list zksync-cli.

c. Verify Global Installation

  • Use npm list -g zksync-cli to check if zksync-cli is installed globally.
  • If it is installed globally, uninstall it using npm uninstall -g zksync-cli.

d. Clean npm Cache

  • Run npm cache clean --force.

e. Use the Latest Version

  • As a quick fix, or if the above steps don't resolve the issue, use npx zksync-cli@latest [command], for example, npx zksync-cli@latest dev start.

My Version is Outdated

If npx zksync-cli is not running the latest version:

  • Refer to the guide above to check and update your zkSync CLI version.

`command not found: npx` Error

If you receive a command not found: npx error, it means Node.js is not installed or not correctly set up on your system:

For all other issues, we encourage you to seek help or report them in our GitHub Discussionsopen in new window.