Start a zkSync Node locally with zksync-cli

Start a zkSync Node locally with zksync-cli

Utilize the zksync-cli to effortlessly initiate a local development environment. A simple command, npx zksync-cli dev start, gears up local zkSync and Ethereum nodes, along with Block Explorer, Wallet, and Bridge for a seamless development experience.


Before beginning, ensure you have installed:

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Starting and Stopping Nodes

  • Start: npx zksync-cli dev start initiates your local environment. On the first run, it prompts to select a node and additional modules.
  • Stop: npx zksync-cli dev stop terminates the local environment. Use npx zksync-cli dev stop [module name] to stop specific modules, e.g., npx zksync-cli dev stop zkcli-block-explorer.
  • Restart: npx zksync-cli dev restart or npx zksync-cli dev restart [module name] restarts your environment or specific modules.

Configuring Your Environment

  • npx zksync-cli dev config allows the selection of nodes and additional modules like block explorer and bridge. Run modules such as Block Explorer against an already running node by adding a new chain.

Managing Modules

  • npx zksync-cli dev modules lists all installed modules, providing a clear overview of your environment's components.

Viewing Logs

  • npx zksync-cli dev logs displays logs for all active modules, essential for monitoring and debugging.

Cleaning Modules

  • npx zksync-cli dev clean removes all module data from your computer. For specific modules, use npx zksync-cli dev clean [module name].

Updating Modules

  • npx zksync-cli dev update [module name] updates individual modules, ensuring you're running the latest versions. Usually you will see a notification when a new version is available.


If modules malfunction, e.g., failing to start:

  1. Use npx zksync-cli dev stop to cease all operations.
  2. Reinstall the problematic module with npx zksync-cli dev clean [module name], viewable via npx zksync-cli dev modules.
  3. Restart with npx zksync-cli dev start. Check Docker container logs for detailed errors, accessible through Docker Desktop.
  4. Persisting issues? Please report them in our GitHub discussionsopen in new window.

For additional assistance, refer to our troubleshooting guide.