Project creation with zksync-cli

Project creation with zksync-cli

Leverage the power of zksync-cli to kickstart your project with npx zksync-cli create. This command streamlines project setup by offering templates for frontend development, smart contracts, and scripting for zkSync, enabling rapid deployment and development.


Ensure you have the following installed before you start:

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Available Templates

npx zksync-cli create simplifies the initial project setup by providing templates in three main categories:


Fast-track your UI development with our frontend templates, supporting popular frameworks like Vue, React, Next.js, Nuxt, and Vite. Options include viem, ethers, web3modal, rainbowkit, equipping you with the necessary tools for dApp development. More Infoopen in new window.


For smart contract development, choose from templates designed for quick deployment and testing, compatible with Solidity or Vyper. Utilize tools like Hardhat to streamline your workflow. Contract templatesopen in new window.


Enhance your project with Node.js scripting templates for automated interactions and advanced zkSync operations. Includes examples of wallet or contract interactions using viem, ethers, or web3.js. Scripting Templatesopen in new window.

Using Templates

To create a project using a template, run the following command and follow the prompts to select your desired template category and specific framework or tool:

npx zksync-cli create


If you encounter issues, consult our troubleshooting guide or report them in our GitHub discussionsopen in new window.