Learn about foundry-zksync.

foundry-zksync is a specialized fork of Foundry, tailored for ZKsync.

It extends Foundry's capabilities for Ethereum app development to support ZKsync, allowing for the compilation, deployment, testing, and interaction with smart contracts on ZKsync. foundry-zksync introduces --zksync flag, or the use of vm.zkVm(true) to target the ZKsync VM.

Status and Contribution

foundry-zksync is currently in its alpha stage, indicating ongoing development and potential for future enhancements. It is open-sourced, and contributions from the developer community are welcome. For more details and contributions, visit the GitHub repository.

Features and Limitations


foundry-zksync offers a set of features designed to work with ZKsync, providing a comprehensive toolkit for smart contract deployment and interaction:

  • Smart Contract Deployment: Easily deploy smart contracts to ZKsync mainnet, testnet, or a local test node.
  • Asset Bridging: Bridge assets between L1 and L2, facilitating seamless transactions across layers.
  • Contract Interaction: Call and send transactions to deployed contracts on ZKsync Sepolia Testnet or local test node.
  • Solidity Testing: Write tests in Solidity for a familiar testing environment.
  • Fuzz Testing: Benefit from fuzz testing, complete with shrinking of inputs and printing of counter-examples.
  • Remote RPC Forking: Utilize remote RPC forking mode.
  • Flexible Debug Logging: Choose your debugging style:
    • DappTools-style: Utilize DsTest's emitted logs for debugging.
    • Hardhat-style: Leverage the popular console.sol contract.
  • Configurable Compiler Options: Tailor compiler settings to your needs, including LLVM optimization modes.


While foundry-zksync is alpha stage, there are some limitations to be aware of, but not limited to:

  • Compile Time: Some users may experience slow compiling.
  • Specific Foundry Features: Currently features such as --gas-report or --verify may not work as intended. We are actively working on providing support for these feature types.
  • Compiling Libraries: Compiling non-inlinable libraries requires deployment and adding to configuration.

For more information please refer to official docs.

# In foundry.toml
libraries = [
We are actively working to resolve limitations listed. Please check back on future releases for updates.

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